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Log cabins

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There are many ways you can transform all aspects of traditional log cabins, including roof and floor. Whether it is a contemporary log cabin, log cabin summerhouse, log cabin playhouse or even corner log cabins.

One of the most popular uses of a log cabin outdoor building is to turn it into a home garden office. This is as a garden cabin can be a room separate to your house to differentiate between work and home. Perfect for those who are self employed or small business owners, by installing a log cabin into your garden you will cut down on travel costs and won’t be required to rent office space.

A log cabin outdoor building could be the ideal spot for a home garden office as they feature large windows that provide sufficient amounts of light into the building allowing you to have a healthy mind. Furthermore, they can be decorated in a large amount of ways and they are likely to last for a long period of time.

Determining the work and home life balance has never been easier for someone who works from home with a garden home office. This is as to get from work to home you are physically having to leave one building to enter another. For help with choosing the best log cabin home office, have a read of our guide

Log Cabin Sheds

Additionally, log cabins can be used as a style of storage sheds similar to that of wooden sheds. For instance as bike sheds and as a wooden garage. Unlike single doors, the double doors allow for easy maneuvering of belongings whether it be your lawn mower, motorbike, garden tools or even a mobility scooter. Convenient for those constantly looking to use their outdoor based belongings. Also, with the option of either single or double glazing you can protect your belongings however best for you. This makes the log cabin a highly convenient outdoor building.

Our log cabin sheds are made from premium softwood materials. This provides strong structural strength and dependable durability. The sheds themselves are available in alpine, apex, pent and traditional styles meaning all gardens and all tastes are catered for. Built to last, any items you are looking to store inside the log cabin shed, from bikes to lawn mowers and outdoor toys to barbecues, are guaranteed to be safe.

As with traditional sheds, log cabin sheds can also be used for other means such as a home pub, she shed or man cave.

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